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Personal Chefs

For a private meal, Janice and your chef will arrive with the ingredients to prepare your menu using your kitchen.  Janice will go over the list of the necessary equipment to determine if anything is lacking.  Recipes are not provided.  If some of the diners wish to have a mini-lesson before dinner, that can be arranged for an additional charge based on the length of the lesson.

HoustonCooking.com is not a catering service.  You will need plates, silverware, glasses and the like to serve the meal.  For serving, food will be placed on individual plates in the kitchen and brought to the table or served family style with the serving dish passed around the table.  Dirty plates will be cleared and put in the dishwasher until it is full.  Pots, pans and anything that can't go in the dishwasher will be rinsed and stacked or left to soak. We are happy to work with anyone you hire to serve or clean up.  Ask us if you need recommendations.

Dinner (4 course):  $75 per person, 8 diners minimum

If you need a specific date, please let us know your order of preference of chefs.  If you want a certain chef, please provide at least three possible dates.

Available Personal Chefs:

Dorothy Huang    Elizabeth Escobedo   

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Basics/Japanese/Moroccan--LaVerl Daily

Spa Cuisine--Terry Conlan

Kids--Mimi Kerr

Mexican--Elizabeth Escobedo

Chinese--Dorothy Huang

Indian--Shubhra Ramineni

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