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You'll need to select a date and an order of preference of chefs OR select a chef and at least three possible event dates.  Janice will contact your preferred chef and check on his or her availability.  We'll work together to select a menu to please the participants and that can be accomplished in the allotted time.  Go to Contact Us to request availability.


Adult Class (3 hours):    $60 per student, 10 students minimum

Kids' Class (2 hours):  $40 per student, 10 students minimum

Personal Chef:  $75 per person, 8 person minimum

Ask about pricing for other requests. 

A non-refundable 50% deposit is due upon confirmation of availability.  Credit cards are not accepted.

Fewer participants are welcome, but the EVENT MINIMUM is $600 for adults and $400 for children. 

Classes with Terry Conlan require a $150 travel charge.

Menus with expensive ingredients (such as seafood) may require a surcharge.

Changes to dates must be made 7 days in advance.  The final headcount must be given at least 48 hours in advance.


What is provided by HoustonCooking.com:

Janice and your chef will arrive with all the ingredients for your class.  Copies of the recipes will be provided.

What you provide:

A kitchen with ample work space!  Islands work well.  We have access to a commercial kitchen near the Texas Medical Center that you can rent for $250 plus a $50 clean up fee. 

Janice will go over the needed pots, pans, gadgets and utensils with you.  If you are lacking certain things, we can bring them. 

You must provide plates, glasses, utensils and the like for serving the creations.  You provide your own drinks. 

During classes, the dishes are sampled as they are finished. 

Janice will keep the work space clear during the class, but it is the customers' responsibility to clean up after the event.  We'll be happy to work with anyone you hire to clean up.  Ask us if you need recommendations.


Basics/Japanese/Moroccan--LaVerl Daily

Spa Cuisine--Terry Conlan

Kids--Mimi Kerr

Mexican--Elizabeth Escobedo

Chinese--Dorothy Huang

Indian--Shubhra Ramineni

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